Wait for ‘me’

My waiting lasts a lifetime;
Why a lifetime?I’m not sure,
it may be more or less;
may be it’s my waiting to last;
may be I like the way it is;
may be you should read more;
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Daring kids to ask big questions: 3 teachers who entered our SOLE Challenge win a trip to TEDYouth

To the Education of the world

TED Blog

In a classroom in Ontario, a class of 9th graders learned the book Siddhartha, not by listening to lectures from their teacher, but by asking questions like, “How do you know when you’ve reached enlightenment?” Meanwhile, a group of 3rd through 5th graders in rural Georgia was posed a question in Spanish, even though they speak English: “Why doesn’t everyone in the world speak the same language?” And hundreds of miles away in New Hampshire, a group of 7th graders pondered, “Will the human race ever go extinct?” with only one rule: you may not look up the answer in a book.

All of these students had one thing in common: [ted_talkteaser id=1678]their teachers watched the talk from this year’s TED Prize winner Sugata Mitra, challenging them to reinvent the way kids learn. Mitra pioneered the “Hole in the Wall” experiments in the 1990s, which showed that — given…

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It’s my turn to give some Insane Writing Advice


My Dad and many others on this planet used to say that giving advice to others is one of the easiest things to do and following it, is the hard part. After thinking on this, I considered the easy stuff tempting, saving the hard part for later. So, What advice should I be suggesting? I know for sure that you won’t be needing or following any, as tons and tons of similar articles ( Read Garbage) can be found in the mystical land of the World Wide Web.

You have the right to skip this advice. Anything you say can and will be used against you in future. You have the right to comment. If you cannot afford one, I’ll confirm that you are blind. Do you understand the rights you have just read to yourself? With these rights in mind, Scroll further

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Who am I this time


Human beings think. We think extensively, to find answers, to find more questions so we can search for more answers. We are never tired of this searching. We know this is never-ending, like a dog chasing cars or its own tail; We seek tirelessly.

Many great philosophers and leaders have analysed this question in many aspects and explained from their point of view. But I’m just a normal person, seeking moral facades in everyday life, trying to cope up with my nature in handling my day-to-day tasks and I feel that I should seek my own answers in a simple way that is easily accessible and understandable.

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Why I want you to be Perfect?

We all have misunderstandings, It matters only how well we have it

We all have misunderstandings, It matters only on how well we have it

Being in a relationship is Mind-blowing and Mind-boggling as well. There is nothing more simpler and much more complex than being together. The means of being alone for so many years, I thought that I was free to make all the worst and best decisions in my life without considering anyone. But I was wrong, not just plain wrong, rock-bottomed wrong.

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Farm Suicides in India


Yourself being stricken by poverty though you have worked your way off the charts; not poor by the unnecessary stuff you assimilate rather deprived of the basic amenities you seek out.


Yourself on the threshold of failure, not from your side but the way you are made from the outside world.


You have lost the power of reasoning, not having optimistic attitude you always had, altogether a resonance strike hard at you for all the wrong reasons.

In fact you have given the world your best and your intentions are well deserved and of course you are Noble. For all the unintentional and external reasons, you have been disastrously let down by the rulers and your fellows. Suddenly you are circled out of your group and they don’t recognize you anymore. You are becoming diminished from your sense of pride you always had.

All you hear is that you have lost it. Suddenly you think that it is the end of your line. This is not your decision, for it has been forced upon you. You are great as you don’t know anything other than meeting others need. At last, you have no door to look for, as you finally take your last decision of life; You are no more.

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9 Eternal principles on The Warrior’s way


In olden times, there were people who were insurmountable and majestic not in terms of wealth or power but in their nature. Even today there are many and Many more yet in the making.

Even being great, they lived by a set of principles, to scale the stars, to be their own god, to attain success in every aspect they encounter or to embrace failures with open hands to move on to greater successes, We too need some ideals as we are no different from them and believe me, there are many,

But, the principles of a Warrior is sacred, which can be applied to our day-to-day encounters, like while taking to our bosses to saving and loving a life. It is not something that is endangered, as it is eternal.

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