This Isn’t A Trek. You Better Stop This.

I have been on treks; with friends, friends of friends, with a bunch of strangers; only to find out that most of us and the community is fighting a deception which grows slowly unnoticed.

Now, before jumping to conclusions, Read further.

Last week, when my friends planned to go on a trek to Tada (a small range in the Eastern Ghats, suitable for one day treks) I was elated and very much excited to have an adventurous experience. But it didn’t last long.  The plan failed to meet the basic requirements of a trek, not just failed by a mark, but in epic variations.

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This Shitty First Draft Has A Point To Make


Caution: Read this with an open mind leaving all the crap that you have gathered over the years. Also this a shitty first draft and I do not intend to rewrite it.

**Usage of the word ‘SHIT’ is done on purpose**
**Just read this and stop judging me while doing so** Read More

The kid who held my suicide

On a fine morning,
I decided to end my life,
out of grief and failure;
I was walking in the sidewalk;
a kid,came near me and
started to walk with me;
I thought I would have the
kid as my last companion
so I didn't mind and asked, 
who are you kid?
he kept mum, 
he seemed a bit tough,
like the one's who mined 
in olden times;
I asked what if 
you fell down a hole?
I would stand up and walk, he said
what if the sky comes falling down?
won't you be afraid? I encountered;
I may be but I'll try to push 
it up, he squeaked with confidence;
intrigued I was, 
here I was, on the brink
of suicide, yet I'm witnessing 
courage and determination; so I ask-
what if someone comes and beats you up?
He simply claimed that he wont fall
to them;
when I asked who are you kid?
he replied with a smile and said
I'm who you are!

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Rajkumar Mahendran
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Daring kids to ask big questions: 3 teachers who entered our SOLE Challenge win a trip to TEDYouth

To the Education of the world

TED Blog

In a classroom in Ontario, a class of 9th graders learned the book Siddhartha, not by listening to lectures from their teacher, but by asking questions like, “How do you know when you’ve reached enlightenment?” Meanwhile, a group of 3rd through 5th graders in rural Georgia was posed a question in Spanish, even though they speak English: “Why doesn’t everyone in the world speak the same language?” And hundreds of miles away in New Hampshire, a group of 7th graders pondered, “Will the human race ever go extinct?” with only one rule: you may not look up the answer in a book.

All of these students had one thing in common: [ted_talkteaser id=1678]their teachers watched the talk from this year’s TED Prize winner Sugata Mitra, challenging them to reinvent the way kids learn. Mitra pioneered the “Hole in the Wall” experiments in the 1990s, which showed that — given…

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9 Eternal principles on The Warrior’s way


In olden times, there were people who were insurmountable and majestic not in terms of wealth or power but in their nature. Even today there are many and Many more yet in the making.

Even being great, they lived by a set of principles, to scale the stars, to be their own god, to attain success in every aspect they encounter or to embrace failures with open hands to move on to greater successes, We too need some ideals as we are no different from them and believe me, there are many,

But, the principles of a Warrior is sacred, which can be applied to our day-to-day encounters, like while taking to our bosses to saving and loving a life. It is not something that is endangered, as it is eternal.

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The Easiest way to be happy and Sad simultaneously


I have to tell you that it hasn’t been easy for many, but I can assure you that you will be having infinite amounts of happiness followed by deep depths of sadness and vice-verse for the rest of your lives.

For the world and Daily prompt

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My rebuttal to Matt Walsh on why we don’t need education

Hey Matt,


This is to you and everyone else with the same misconception as you have mentioned here.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the question we have here is : Why to teach or home school kids? Who are we to do so?

I would like to summarize so that it can be easily understood.

First and foremost, you can’t educate anyone unless they accept. Then it means to learn and not being educated.

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A Man with a Mountain

The Man with a Mountain

Making up with the mountains

The times are not so great. I thought that everything ( mostly the things I don’t like) in my life is meaningless or to be changed and to do what I do is not going to work. I believe that everyone, including myself would face this problem depressing every now and then. Eventually after repeated failures we tend to give up in our day-to-day lives. We have done so many in the past, even being an optimistic.

I believe that  success is not the end of the path for betterment rather it is the way we move over failures, though we get depressed.

After each failure, We pause, to consider the worthiness of going beyond and walking the extra mile to reach the pinnacle. The process, in which we battle our inner demons, the battle between our heart and mind, we have to choose either to go beyond or to stop for now and call it a day.

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Thanks Steve,Creativity is a myth

Some say that, ‘Man is a social animal’ and you better think;
Is He?

So you feel that I have a different view on the existence of humans and to make myself clear,
I don’t!

But, I do believe that human beings are much more that being a mere animal, mere in sense that no way he/she could be compared to an animal because they(animals) are equal to us such as we think them to be less capable of.

Well, you want to know about the death of Creativity. Isn’t it?

Okay. You will come to know about that and there is a lot more to subject.

As Simon Sinek highlights in his TED talk, there are three things to look for before highlighting anything.

Why, what and How in the same order.

WHY creativity don’t exist?

Did anyone kill it? Or did it get old? Or did anyone or anything killed it, in its old age?

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