Why I want you to be Perfect?

We all have misunderstandings, It matters only how well we have it

We all have misunderstandings, It matters only on how well we have it

Being in a relationship is Mind-blowing and Mind-boggling as well. There is nothing more simpler and much more complex than being together. The means of being alone for so many years, I thought that I was free to make all the worst and best decisions in my life without considering anyone. But I was wrong, not just plain wrong, rock-bottomed wrong.

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The Immaculate Reasoning

This is to you and this is to me
Said the crazy boy in town;
For he was all not alone
Sat in a rocking chair by the phone;

Waited by far and waited by long
Slept after he heard the midnight’s gong;

 Days and months passed by short and long;
As he waited for the love’s lost song;
Alert in his trance to join his love
For she became his mighty hearts dove;

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