10 things you should never say to an Indian cyclist

Ride Tiger, Ride!

Ride Tiger, Ride!

Oh! You are a cyclist

Now that’s one thing many including myself would have rarely heard from others.

In India, many consider cycling not a sport but as a transport medium for the poor. If you have a cycle; considerably local cycles then people term you as poor. Certainly I don’t mind them calling me poor or rich or whatever, I only ask them to re-consider their views on a cyclist or cycling.

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13 life hacks you won’t give a shit (gif & memes)

We are humans. We are so freaky intelligent who can think and smile (Sometimes). At least we think we are cool, may be God knows why. Which God? ooooooooooooh, Nooooo!


Another part of our growing up is that we are so much complicated such as; we don’t really know what we really want and why we want or even what we are. No one knows.


So let’s look at what are they;

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