This Isn’t A Trek. You Better Stop This.

I have been on treks; with friends, friends of friends, with a bunch of strangers; only to find out that most of us and the community is fighting a deception which grows slowly unnoticed.

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Last week, when my friends planned to go on a trek to Tada (a small range in the Eastern Ghats, suitable for one day treks) I was elated and very much excited to have an adventurous experience. But it didn’t last long.  The plan failed to meet the basic requirements of a trek, not just failed by a mark, but in epic variations.

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An open letter to the people who conserve Nature

As remarked in my earlier post, we have used science more as a reason for exploiting nature and its resources. I’m not against science; In fact I love science.
I must clarify;

Everything is science and not science is everything.

There are many subjects where science don’t have answers and omit them as just theories or contradictions and the biggest of them is nature. You may have some conflict on this, but this is the fact.

Simple; how does nature work? No one knows (Clearly yet).

We believed in Darwin’s theory of Natural selection and it was on the verge of its era as scientists doubted it on contradicting with the big bang (better late than never), such that there are many things that have not covered under evolution and raised concerns.(Because we are humans and we don’t believe a damn thing).

Darwin, I doubted you on my existence!

Darwin, I doubted you on my existence!

Fortunately or unfortunately, it has been solved (for now) and you can check it out here.

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