Who am I this time


Human beings think. We think extensively, to find answers, to find more questions so we can search for more answers. We are never tired of this searching. We know this is never-ending, like a dog chasing cars or its own tail; We seek tirelessly.

Many great philosophers and leaders have analysed this question in many aspects and explained from their point of view. But I’m just a normal person, seeking moral facades in everyday life, trying to cope up with my nature in handling my day-to-day tasks and I feel that I should seek my own answers in a simple way that is easily accessible and understandable.

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How to overcome Absolute Failure


1) Don’t Wait, Act Now

We spend much of our lives by waiting for something we have always wanted such as a new car, an apartment or a much-anticipated promotion, even a new life. We think too much on “What if I did that; What if I did this”, and in the end, we won’t do a damn good thing and eventually wither off.

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9 Eternal principles on The Warrior’s way


In olden times, there were people who were insurmountable and majestic not in terms of wealth or power but in their nature. Even today there are many and Many more yet in the making.

Even being great, they lived by a set of principles, to scale the stars, to be their own god, to attain success in every aspect they encounter or to embrace failures with open hands to move on to greater successes, We too need some ideals as we are no different from them and believe me, there are many,

But, the principles of a Warrior is sacred, which can be applied to our day-to-day encounters, like while taking to our bosses to saving and loving a life. It is not something that is endangered, as it is eternal.

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A Man with a Mountain

The Man with a Mountain

Making up with the mountains

The times are not so great. I thought that everything ( mostly the things I don’t like) in my life is meaningless or to be changed and to do what I do is not going to work. I believe that everyone, including myself would face this problem depressing every now and then. Eventually after repeated failures we tend to give up in our day-to-day lives. We have done so many in the past, even being an optimistic.

I believe that  success is not the end of the path for betterment rather it is the way we move over failures, though we get depressed.

After each failure, We pause, to consider the worthiness of going beyond and walking the extra mile to reach the pinnacle. The process, in which we battle our inner demons, the battle between our heart and mind, we have to choose either to go beyond or to stop for now and call it a day.

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How to kill the old person by the alley

There are many possibilities for me to be defeated, suspected, cheated or impaired. I can give up at any time or give in a fight, a battle with a much stronger vigor and valor. I can win a few skirmishes and lose many in a day or in an entire lifetime.

But I can’t be enraged at you nor can I be composed and serene for what you have given me. I can’t wait on and hold you responsible for what I have done or you have made me to do. Though I don’t know me (yet), I can’t denounce you for the circumstances you bestow on me.

For many may arise to enhance and confiscate something from the everlasting debris. Even though it would be dreadful to make my demise to intrude neither others nor that I have the control to do so.

I am one of the many men you have taught methods none could have mastered, whom you devolve, and whom you make righteous scoundrels or back broken saints. It is you who cultivate, culminate, dissipate and depreciate for the start and the absolute dwindle.

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Smile : On Gloom,Despair and Dejection

Don’t cry because it’s over.
Smile because it happened.
-Dr. Seuss

Smile !

Smile in and Smile back !

A smile can make you sad and happy as well;

A smile can make you decide ;

A smile can make you rethink, regret or remorse.

A smile can make you love, can levitate you or do many sort of great things.

 A Smile can do wonders for you,if you let it!

It is one of the many factors that we(humans) are still being around and the dinosaurs haven’t.

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