The16 best Infogrpahics to tell you everything about life

Infogrpahics are a great way to understand more complex information in a moment’s time instead of going through much words.

Just by looking at the image, our brain triggers the *blah blah blah* thingy [scientific word, coming right up!] and you understand everything in a jiffy.

There are thousands of Infographics on the web and these are the best, out there now!

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Thanks Steve,Creativity is a myth

Some say that, ‘Man is a social animal’ and you better think;
Is He?

So you feel that I have a different view on the existence of humans and to make myself clear,
I don’t!

But, I do believe that human beings are much more that being a mere animal, mere in sense that no way he/she could be compared to an animal because they(animals) are equal to us such as we think them to be less capable of.

Well, you want to know about the death of Creativity. Isn’t it?

Okay. You will come to know about that and there is a lot more to subject.

As Simon Sinek highlights in his TED talk, there are three things to look for before highlighting anything.

Why, what and How in the same order.

WHY creativity don’t exist?

Did anyone kill it? Or did it get old? Or did anyone or anything killed it, in its old age?

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