Sorry, If you are mocked

Gender Like
Gender Like

When she goes out on the streets,
harassment awaits her,
she would be overlooked as an alien,
a lifeless entity, a piece of mockery,
 some disdain her,
on the way she walks,
the way she speaks,
the way she sees;
above all,
on the way she is; but – Read More


This Isn’t A Trek. You Better Stop This.

I have been on treks; with friends, friends of friends, with a bunch of strangers; only to find out that most of us and the community is fighting a deception which grows slowly unnoticed.

Now, before jumping to conclusions, Read further.

Last week, when my friends planned to go on a trek to Tada (a small range in the Eastern Ghats, suitable for one day treks) I was elated and very much excited to have an adventurous experience. But it didn’t last long.  The plan failed to meet the basic requirements of a trek, not just failed by a mark, but in epic variations.

Here is why the plan failed massively; Read More

The16 best Infogrpahics to tell you everything about life

Infogrpahics are a great way to understand more complex information in a moment’s time instead of going through much words.

Just by looking at the image, our brain triggers the *blah blah blah* thingy [scientific word, coming right up!] and you understand everything in a jiffy.

There are thousands of Infographics on the web and these are the best, out there now!

Here’s everything you have to know about life; Read More

The kid who held my suicide

On a fine morning,
I decided to end my life,
out of grief and failure;
I was walking in the sidewalk;
a kid,came near me and
started to walk with me;
I thought I would have the
kid as my last companion
so I didn't mind and asked, 
who are you kid?
he kept mum, 
he seemed a bit tough,
like the one's who mined 
in olden times;
I asked what if 
you fell down a hole?
I would stand up and walk, he said
what if the sky comes falling down?
won't you be afraid? I encountered;
I may be but I'll try to push 
it up, he squeaked with confidence;
intrigued I was, 
here I was, on the brink
of suicide, yet I'm witnessing 
courage and determination; so I ask-
what if someone comes and beats you up?
He simply claimed that he wont fall
to them;
when I asked who are you kid?
he replied with a smile and said
I'm who you are!

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10 things you should never say to an Indian cyclist

Ride Tiger, Ride!

Ride Tiger, Ride!

Oh! You are a cyclist

Now that’s one thing many including myself would have rarely heard from others.

In India, many consider cycling not a sport but as a transport medium for the poor. If you have a cycle; considerably local cycles then people term you as poor. Certainly I don’t mind them calling me poor or rich or whatever, I only ask them to re-consider their views on a cyclist or cycling.

But that’s not what this is about. Read More

13 life hacks you won’t give a shit (gif & memes)

We are humans. We are so freaky intelligent who can think and smile (Sometimes). At least we think we are cool, may be God knows why. Which God? ooooooooooooh, Nooooo!


Another part of our growing up is that we are so much complicated such as; we don’t really know what we really want and why we want or even what we are. No one knows.


So let’s look at what are they;

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