Thanks for visiting The Vast Nothing.

My name is Rajkumar and I’m sitting near a hut, fully drenched in sweat, mud and dirt in every possible part of my body.Yes, I’m cycling in the hills.But that shouldn’t deter you. I’m from Tamilnadu, India which is a place where I live in diverse conditions.

The way I started this blog is an unplanned move. But don’t you worry or take me as a chit-chatty nut wit friend of yours. I can be, but lets play after I tell you something about me.

Expect nothing and you will be completely amazed from the Vast nothing experience. [ Beware, you will be cracked even if you are a hard nut]

Whoever you are, what ever you do, you have a place here to fit in.

If you want me to write about something, I’m just a mail away.

I admire your curiosity! To know more about me, click here

I hope this blog makes you smile and think profoundly.
Thanks for visiting.


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