Sorry, If you are mocked

Gender Like
Gender Like

When she goes out on the streets,
harassment awaits her,
she would be overlooked as an alien,
a lifeless entity, a piece of mockery,
 some disdain her,
on the way she walks,
the way she speaks,
the way she sees;
above all,
on the way she is; but –
Don’t you remember?
on how She consumes
the same life and breath as we do,
the same pleasures We both felt as a child,
like a speeding snail leaving
rainbows on its trail, only
the trails are different;
a women trapped in a man’s shell
is all she is,

Don’t you remember?
on how we both adorn the
human fabric as the
unique colors of
a peacock’s quill;
spreading over the surface of

Don’t you still? asks she,
I can laugh at your
jokes, I can give you
my warmth; my shoulders
when you are in distress
as a motherless mother
to the existence;
Not I, but you are in a chaos of
gender, a boy to girl transformation,
from a moth to a butterfly,
I don’t want you to
accept me, but
to open-up yourself
to the likes of me,
and know this;
I’m life, so are you!

Rj @ The Vast Nothing
See Everything, Be Nothing



  1. Anonymous · January 8, 2014

    Nice one

  2. ashokbhatia · January 7, 2014

    Well expressed!

    • Rj · January 7, 2014

      Thank you Ashok

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