A Lost Child

Of all the beauty, bliss and ecstasy
I enjoyed once for no reason,
where are you?

Limitless abundance of joy
and suffering in equal proportions,
only to amuse me and
be taken lightly;
where are you now?

Golden glories and amazing
failures of effortless efforts,
all went through laughing
and crying pleasures,
where have you gone?

Playing and learning
under the shine,
seeking through the ultimate
without the need of
future and past;
why am I this now?

For everything
I once thought
is no more I’m;
of being the same
as I were before;
I stand here brimming,
wanting to be empty again,
born as emptiness,
behaved with silliness,
grown at nothingness,
carved upon vastness,
never thought of forgiveness,
living here nevertheless
as an old soul,
succumbed to beliefs
surfaced on this piece
of earth as dust;
wishing back to be a child,
no more a human,
but a child

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