This Shitty First Draft Has A Point To Make


Caution: Read this with an open mind leaving all the crap that you have gathered over the years. Also this a shitty first draft and I do not intend to rewrite it.

**Usage of the word ‘SHIT’ is done on purpose**
**Just read this and stop judging me while doing so**

I deny problems, I don’t need any failures or my hard-earned success that makes me sad or happy and I’m not asking why I should live for. But most of the time I tend to strive hard for these stuffs which makes me strive even harder for the next success or failure.

Wow! A life well spent but Why should I be the puppet of these emotions? Cant I overcome them in a positive way like the other way than being a robot-o-sorous!

Does that make me human? Well I already know that I’m a human being. Why should I be reminded of that? What did I do?

What am I talking here? Is it about the problems about everyday life or how I  improved them. Do I have to tell you the secret recipe to eternal happiness? or What I’m really in need of?

Well, the world-wide web is full of this shit varying in different proportions like, good shit, mediocre shit and shit just got shitter

Social happenings are now a days like

Hey look here, This is how I did this, I sprayed my hair green and its amazing. 

10 important things that you should always remember, WTF!

Why should I remember these? What if I had amnesia?

Okay lets look at it this way. We are on the web, we love it, adore it, hate it for the right and many wrong reasons, some try to protect and some are there to oppose it as well.

So what? You may ask.

And I ask you in return: Do you want me to have a say on that? Why should I? Are you going to follow any of it? If you do, how are so sure or what made you to do so?

You may resign on your conscience. I say Beep

You may sort to your morals. I say to Beep again.

Before you start saying anything, I say Beep (continuously in a monotonous tone).

You see this. Really see this!

Haven’t you felt in any way that you have cheated on yourself? That there is no difference between you and an old hag from a very old place going to meet another old hag in the old coffin of yours? Felt it?

If so, well done. You are really twisted in the head and everywhere else. Then What if you are all awesome? The perfect pupil of the everlasting pollen flower ruminating its eternal thoughts on the improvement of the self and the existence as whole. Congrats mate! You are the same.

Now picture yourself walking down the aisle and you deny an old man asking for alms and instantly people think you are inhuman.

I mean what kind of sick people we are evolving as?

If you don’t tell the truth, you are bad
If you don’t help the poor, you are bad
If you can’t walk righteous, you are bad

Why? Isn’t that good and bad vary from people to people and place to place?

The funny part is that people know this shit and yet they go on and on to the end of their very lives.

Many believe God created everything in seven days. Super cool. isn’t it? So much of creation in Seven tiring days. We improvised everything till now and still in the process. Way cooler than God! 

For every cause, these is an alternate effect. When God played his part and we retaliated next. Now its God’s turn. Say; that God tries to be uber-cool and takes away (What we think) he has given, day by day in the same seven beautiful days.

And then we would be left with our awesome experiments on the eight-day and all the amazing inventions (interventions for many) we created for the betterment. Whats the point of this? and I don’t want to use the ‘F’ in it!

Just look at Avatar, whole life system aligned to nature. I mean PS4 is still awesome. so why not move towards nature. Yes, yes We are working on it but not everyone.

Why not everyone is the point!

During all this process, what will we be doing? Of course, working our way off for more betterment. Some stay successfully to end their lives, some may cope with better suicides.

Being content is a culture that only a few follow. I’m not one among them, don’t you dare to be. Then what about improving ourselves on this endless path we are treading? I would be having 5-dimensional television, more advanced gadgets, but no trees, we can go anywhere, but no snakes to bite you where you could have never imagined, can talk to everyone in oxygen suits, can deploy more and more into the system and can have a life without the need for a sun.

And dying wont be a solution to this agony until end this with a Full stop.

The best part in a full stop is that it is not the end but a new beginning to everything around us. And that’s something We should look after.

A full stop to stop every stupidity we are doing.

A full stop to pause our lives and look back at the things we have accumulated.

A full stop to start new.

A full stop to the things we seek out for improvement at the cost of others. Haven’t we had enough?

A horrible note to your cruel thoughts meeting with a full stop.

You say you are all to busy. What are you working on?

P.S: This is what we have done with our lives. We don’t even know what is going to happen and what we do and what is needed at this hour. Being, reading and living in the same shit hole thinking of others all the time until we pass off shit-less. So take some time out, look back and be awesome again!


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