Acid Rains


I had a dream,
a dream that
felt like a dream;
its beginning,
I shall never know;
but I had to
begin somewhere though;

in a land of dust
with wet sands
an unknown time
in the future,
I heard them,
as they spoke of the present
regretting their past deeds;
I heard;
as these are the times
of rain,
which many dread,
rains that last forever,
that destroys life;
not by flooding, not by quantity,
but by greed and
lust of demons past;
rains that rain acid
upon everything,
above our heads,
consuming flesh and bones,
matter and man,
had our
waters scarce,
lands deplete,
and we thought
it’s time;
to stop harvesting,
to adapt new
methods; but,
the transition of rains,
led to the transition of
nature, but,
we were not spared;
not our babies but
plants too,
were born dead,
acid rains
became the order;
they were subtle before, but,
now they are not;
on a staggering account
we plead guilty,
guilty for corrupting and
polluting the resources
nature gave us; As plundered,
as it ever could be;
our nature changed,
disfigured me as a leper
who is eager for a change,
who awaits someone for an embrace,
we await nature to forgive us,
for our distress
is less than nature,
as we say;
let us live and
faithful ever
we will be!

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