The kid who held my suicide

On a fine morning,
I decided to end my life,
out of grief and failure;
I was walking in the sidewalk;
a kid,came near me and
started to walk with me;
I thought I would have the
kid as my last companion
so I didn't mind and asked, 
who are you kid?
he kept mum, 
he seemed a bit tough,
like the one's who mined 
in olden times;
I asked what if 
you fell down a hole?
I would stand up and walk, he said
what if the sky comes falling down?
won't you be afraid? I encountered;
I may be but I'll try to push 
it up, he squeaked with confidence;
intrigued I was, 
here I was, on the brink
of suicide, yet I'm witnessing 
courage and determination; so I ask-
what if someone comes and beats you up?
He simply claimed that he wont fall
to them;
when I asked who are you kid?
he replied with a smile and said
I'm who you are!

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Rajkumar Mahendran
See Everything, Be Nothing



  1. HARSHA PRANEETH · December 4, 2013

    good work raj, even i written many articles on losing courage. But i found the end very great.

    • Rj · December 4, 2013

      Thanks Harsha. Please consider sharing 🙂

      • HARSHA PRANEETH · December 4, 2013

        i shared it already. If you are free plz read I WON ? on my blog. Tell me how you felt.

      • Rj · December 4, 2013

        Sure, I’ll do that

      • HARSHA PRANEETH · December 4, 2013

        may be u r right. but did u like it

      • Rj · December 4, 2013

        Yes It was good. Better make this conversation in your blog comments where that post could get some traction.

      • HARSHA PRANEETH · December 4, 2013

        I WON ? is about a kid who is frustrated by his life. In fact its every kids struggle who dreams apart from his parents and society.

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