13 life hacks you won’t give a shit (gif & memes)

We are humans. We are so freaky intelligent who can think and smile (Sometimes). At least we think we are cool, may be God knows why. Which God? ooooooooooooh, Nooooo!


Another part of our growing up is that we are so much complicated such as; we don’t really know what we really want and why we want or even what we are. No one knows.


So let’s look at what are they;

We forgive ourselves all the time but rarely forgive others.


We know that change should come from within yet we expect others or the world to change.


Most of us do what we don’t like to do. We think of moving towards our passions because we are too lazy to do so. We depend on tomorrow and perish eventually.

Do you think this guy is doing this willing? Hell No!

is this willing

We know that the present is precious yet we have long-term goals or mostly spend our lives thinking on how to live in the future.


We are in search of all kinds of advice, but we mostly follow none.


A lot of people have already had a lot of opinions on everything that is there, yet we discuss them, even though there is nothing to tell anyone that they themselves doesn’t know of. (wow! I really said that)


If someone asks you not to think of something, We do the opposite.


We rarely blame ourselves for our mistakes.


We love to be happy, knowing that happiness  can only be perceived if we are sad, yet  no one wants to be sad.


Many of us expect immediate results for the seeds we haven’t even sown.


We act violently more in the name of god than in the opposite.


We talk about history so much that we don’t even care to know our own.


We regret, all the time.


Consider sharing this shit and be alive for one more day.


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must go

Rajkumar Mahendran
See Everything, Be Nothing



  1. Jyoti Mishra · November 24, 2013

    ha ha..
    that was real fun !!

    • Rj · November 25, 2013


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