My severed Arm speaks

Arm by VanGogh

Of a sudden, out of nowhere
I felt a twinge;
saw me severed,
flew halfway from my
eternal companion;
a cut here and there,
split I were;

trembling with sweat
and pain, such as
my fellows would portray
my adversity; but
it was just a sharp sting,
less painful, than
being  hit by a hammer,
struck by a nail or
a stab, I would say;
gushing fluids, dressed in
mud, greens and dirt; the sight
was gruesome; not much
to feel though, I recollect this
all in a moments phase;
thought I would be back
together, with my companion;
wrong I was, as he lay there,
still and pale, so quiet, like the
fingernails at my ends;
I waited in vain,
as vain could offer more vain;
is it due to the pain I gave him?
when I snapped my finger
in the door crack or
the wounds I had, to
which he cared; I’m not sure,
still shocked, as I haven’t
posed with a hindrance, like this,
why is he still still? as I had
known him ever since
he was born, we grew together;
we loved and cared; may be
is he sad on my departure?
no, he won’t be, it wasn’t
my fault that the ball of fire
got me off from him, all in a jiffy,
not mine; I thought
so why? all I know is,
I’m trying hard for a while
to move near him,
which I can’t,
for no known reason;
O! God, make me move,
as I have done before;
with him, I did marvels,
wonders those were;
now adorned in red and dirt
with bone and dust; amidst
fire and earth,
I speak, pleading
to my companion,
to think; as I can’t,
as he is the one with
a brain, I can speak
but I can’t think or
move from now on, but,
I’ll wait, wait for sure,
till my death and decay;
for him to return

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Rajkumar Mahendran
See Everything, Be Nothing



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  2. Jyoti Mishra · November 23, 2013

    It was good.. real good.
    the idea of severed arm doing the talking..

    beautiful.. and vivid imagery in those words.. !!

    • Rj · November 25, 2013

      Thank you very much Jyoti 🙂

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