Wait for ‘me’

My waiting lasts a lifetime;
Why a lifetime?I’m not sure,
it may be more or less;
may be it’s my waiting to last;
may be I like the way it is;
may be you should read more;
I reckon

Certain days are colored; some
are not; but my waiting
pursues; like a tiger
stalking its prey; alone
in the dark; glimmering
by shine, with none
but myself it feeds

my waiting tries to tell me;
of babies who play,
of souls who suck;
of the skunks to shun,

my waiting tries to warn me of wants;
of himself wanting to be
an another him,
of herself wanting to be
an another her;
of the calf wanting to be a cow,
of the cub wanting to be a lion,
of the kid wanting to be a man
such as this and that; it would tell

Answered every wish; leaving
anything amiss; thought I,
crossing an oasis of thorns,
swam an ocean of fire,
saw a desert of roses; still
was there, present, my waiting;

My eyes won’t lie, it wont
I said; walking along
the lane, speaking to none
but myself,

At the narrows, my waiting
worried of the firsts; the
first of zeal, fearing to lose;
firsts of knowledge, longing for more;
firsts of unknown, unsure of triumph;
firsts of beings, firsts of insects,
firsts of you, him or her; above all
the firsts of myself; it says,

as a baby never given
to waiting rather adore playing,
eating, crawling, crying, all
well spent lest thoughtful; and
as I grew older, in time,
there waits my waiting, abducting me
into its arms, with its societal chimes,
with eternal smiles at first sight;
leaving me behind, wounded, all alone;
screening thy self, into its abyss;
finding none, as empty and void,
I can ever be; as
I go the way of all flesh,
to meet thyself, in a new
form, to this world of waiting;
I fly back, I fly back anew!

We wait for a lot of things,be it your new iPhone or in the queue for
ordering the same iPhone(just kidding) or waiting for something else, which can be both extremely useful and inexplicably needless; yet we wait on. That’s our nature. We spend about one hour a day on waiting and that’s huge, so think on your waiting and express yours; either on happiness or the opposite in the comments below.You can also show your joy or grudges (if any) against the post on Facebook or Twitter.

Rajkumar Mahendran
See Everything, Be Nothing


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