It’s my turn to give some Insane Writing Advice


My Dad and many others on this planet used to say that giving advice to others is one of the easiest things to do and following it, is the hard part. After thinking on this, I considered the easy stuff tempting, saving the hard part for later. So, What advice should I be suggesting? I know for sure that you won’t be needing or following any, as tons and tons of similar articles ( Read Garbage) can be found in the mystical land of the World Wide Web.

You have the right to skip this advice. Anything you say can and will be used against you in future. You have the right to comment. If you cannot afford one, I’ll confirm that you are blind. Do you understand the rights you have just read to yourself? With these rights in mind, Scroll further

After reading a lot of writing advice, I finally become enlightened to write my own which is mostly irrational. Okay, enough talk, Advice time. Chow!

Look at your stats, Be obsessive

This works mate! It really works. What are stats for, if you are afraid to look at it. Why do you have to restrain from it? Look at your low stats, Know that you suck, Create more mindful work.

Write what you don’t know

I’m 467% sure that you don’t know anything the way you think of. Then how can you write what you know? If you think that you know something to write on, research it. Ultimately that will slap you in the face that you know nothing. Now move your arse and write about the tiniest part in the LHD that makes it work or on what your neighbors think about you. Go on!

If it’s worth posting, Reconsider

Look at October’s hot list, staggering with 36,311,289 posts with 176 posts freshly pressed and some viral hits. I know that most of us ( read Everyone) publish our posts hopefully that it will be liked by all or some selected class of people but sadly it doesn’t happen that way. And if you say that you are not looking for any kind of following……….. Never mind, I’ll take it as an outright lie. Reconsider your posts worth, abuse it yourself, revise it and publish without a second thought.

Theme is important on par with content

Even if you are Jesus reincarnate writing the newest new testament and your theme is not good for the eyes. Trust me, no one will give a $#!T.

Be kind to your readers but don’t lick them

Don’t fret about your followers, they are bees who are in search for honey. Your job is to produce it, so don’t keep traps.

Write controversial topics and get your E-arse kicked

By following this, you will know what it takes to be a writer, who steps into unknown lands. Enjoy your time and be prepped up for the next one.

If you think that your writing sucks, consider it as a good start

While beginning to write and in the future too, don’t consider yourself as a great writer. Your followers will do that if you are worthy.

Be inconsistent and spend time on reading

Many say that consistency is a must for blogging or writing. If you think on that, you will find it sloppy. Writing should be fun and you can’t have fun all the time unless you are The Buddha himself. So, don’t make writing a habit by making yourself consistent on a stupid deadline rather have fun as much as you can.

Everyone can write, not everyone can be a writer

Yes, it is the plain truth regardless of how much I coat it with sugar. If you think you have what it takes to be a writer, no one can stop you at your attempt. Many great writers have become famous after their demise, so stay strong and keep writing. My suggestion would be to give yourself a year at writing before making any decisions.

There are about 4.2649567 billion jobs in the world which you can definitely find one that suits you. It’s not the end of the world even if you don’t find one.

So, don’t lose heart by reading this insane piece of advice which I think, won’t be a hindrance to your writing goals. If you have any grudges against this post, say it nicely in the comments or take it out on Facebook or Twitter.

Rajkumar Mahendran
See Everything, Be Nothing




  1. Propel Steps · November 13, 2013

    “Dont keep traps” “There are about 4.2649567 billion jobs !!” … Good Genre of writing 🙂 keep going

    • Raj · November 14, 2013

      Thank you, After all it’s my turn!

  3. khushnumab · November 12, 2013

    good one .nice humor . loved the last part.

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