Farm Suicides in India


Yourself being stricken by poverty though you have worked your way off the charts; not poor by the unnecessary stuff you assimilate rather deprived of the basic amenities you seek out.


Yourself on the threshold of failure, not from your side but the way you are made from the outside world.


You have lost the power of reasoning, not having optimistic attitude you always had, altogether a resonance strike hard at you for all the wrong reasons.

In fact you have given the world your best and your intentions are well deserved and of course you are Noble. For all the unintentional and external reasons, you have been disastrously let down by the rulers and your fellows. Suddenly you are circled out of your group and they don’t recognize you anymore. You are becoming diminished from your sense of pride you always had.

All you hear is that you have lost it. Suddenly you think that it is the end of your line. This is not your decision, for it has been forced upon you. You are great as you don’t know anything other than meeting others need. At last, you have no door to look for, as you finally take your last decision of life; You are no more.

This is the sad state of Indian Farmers that have to be improved on a tremendous scale. Each day in , day out, struggling to meet our needs because they starve even for the basic food security.

My motherland, ever providing India; stood still when the backbone of India crumbled, stood on the face of extinction. But, What are we doing here? There are many NGO trying to protect these ills affecting many. But I ask you! What are you doing? Is that enough?

AN INDIAN farmer who says his home and crops were badly damaged by severe floods this year has received government compensation of just 80 rupees ($1.35), a report said.

Sonba Ganpat Bawne, from the poverty-hit Vidarbha region in the western state of Maharashtra, said he had spent 14,000 rupees ($236) repairing his home after the flooding, according to the NDTV news network.

Last week we celebrated Diwali for various reasons, but how many of us thought of the many souls that are straining for a single meal, not even for them, but to provide their family! Several Widows of the farmers who committed suicide earlier, observed Black Diwali.

Farmer works in a paddy field on the outskirts of Agartala

On this day as of now, Two more Farmers in AP India committed suicide on their fields; due to intense crop damage by recent floods.

The plight of Gods on the Farm

I grow crops, I sow seeds;
Serve the nation and take out the weeds
Churn out the droppings;
To make way for sapping

This is my liking:
and my way of living

Life on the farm, is all but charm
Life on the field, makes me yield

The day I born, my mum was pleased and
the day I die; my crops will cease

Food I eat, vents out as sweat
My self can rest, until my upbringings are set

Toil under the light, till my reaps are tight
Can’t lose’em sight, owing to my plight
Me; forgets the realm, I see them sights

All I know; is to raise my yields
But now I seek to express my needs

The need to transport and the price of
my soul:  are the infamous and trembling gears at stake;
Needless I say, on the corporate thing:
for they seek is gain at the cost of my life;

A way to provide and a way to maintain-
makes me self- out to ponder;
The way to market and the way to inform-
leaves me at the blue sea yonder;

I plead for safety, I plead for time;
A matter of minutes, thence
to make up my mind;

I trust my source, I trust my self
I suffer from many-
the market’s vest and on the off-seasons nest;

Don’t think of me as a madman
nor a methodical goddamn;

My fellows succeed in suicide:
in the fields they reside;
Not for labor nor for savor:
But for trust
but for freedom, but for love
But for life of the crops they
sought and fought;

My self makes us survive-
thru input and intake;
But the larger men takes me down
by their corrupt and by forsake;

Now is the time for paying my due
Says I ought to provide my family of few

Now is the time for standing against,
to stand by my side;
for this term is modified, genetically –
as they say

For now I cannot rest,
As it’s harvest, lest a land of dust

Giving into nature’s trust
By hoping for the best

I remain:
as the last man-

I sow seeds, I raise crops
I serve the nation and stamp out the weeds

This (Sort of) Poem is dedicated to Indian Farmers who took their lives as a result of various factors that stumbled on their very core of survival.

We shouldn’t tolerate this. It is like mass murdering a race, a race that is so high in pride, yet so humble and generous to everyone.

The latest government figures show 14,000 farmers took their own lives in 2011. You can access the article here.

The top 56 Needs of an Indian Farmer

The top 56 Needs of an Indian Farmer

The needs required for an Indian Farmer is shown above. click on the image to have a look at them in detail.

I humbly ask;

– everyone of you to not just sit there on your comfortable cocoon, rather come out of your shells and start rising a Nation and that start’s with Agriculture.

– Add your thoughts and suggestions on improving their standards, so everyone would do some change on their behalf.

– If you have ideas, regardless of it’s proportion, do share it the comments below.

And I end with this- “Nobody is qualified to become a statesman who is entirely ignorant of the problem of wheat.”  – Socrates

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Rajkumar Mahendran
See Everything, Be Nothing



  1. psychologistmimi · November 22, 2013

    What a sad state of affairs. Hope things improve

  2. Raja · November 7, 2013

    Am an engineer in oil & gas field and invested most of earnings in agriculture land for the doing agri and farming in future. You know what is the support i got from my family and society??? Family says “We don’t want to loose our comfort” and the society says ” Don’t Make Your Next Generations Left Spoiled ” and some says am fool… If the attitude of people and government doesn’t not changes, the situation continues. I will do my best in agriculture and focusing towards that.

    • Raj · November 7, 2013

      You bet on that Raja. Keep going. A thought will first be ridiculed, then mocked until it becomes that order of the day. Hooray Agri!

  3. bonnjo22 · November 6, 2013

    Reblogged this on Pitchspork and commented:
    Great piece. Count your blessings everyone.

  4. bonnjo22 · November 6, 2013

    This is so sad. Do you know how much farmers make a year?

    • Raj · November 6, 2013

      It really is! It is around Rs.12,000/ acre for an average farmer. Now you think of the farmers who are less than average where they would be renting their lands from greedy landlords and paying their debts in advance.

  5. Ravi S Ghosh · November 5, 2013

    When a farmer goes to the farm s/he doesn’t do it with a sense of serving the nation or serving the people of the nation. The only reason for him/her to farm is that s/he is doing this to make ends meet and probably because this is the only option s/he has. S/he is not doing charity. Nor am I. I buy onion if I it is in my means to buy or don’t buy if I feel I can’t afford. That is a deal with consent.

    There are two ways of running things in this world.
    (a) By mutual consent.
    (b) By force (physical, psychological, or force of government policy).

    The first is the natural way towards establishing fair price for a product and hence, the fair level of livelihood for the producers. If the farmers are finding it difficult to cultivate to the point that they are committing suicide, the price of the produce should go up. But here comes the second way of running things. The government policy which does only one thing – screws up the natural price discovery. Here you have a government trying to bring down the price of everything media considers “common man’s necessity” at the expense of the producer and the natural price discovery.

    If the price of onion is going up, more farmers would have taken up onions and benefits and in turn brought down the price of onion, but well we have government to poke their nose in it.

    • Raj · November 6, 2013

      Yes Ravi, what you are saying is acceptable. The price fixing and the storage has a humongous effect on farmers, mainly poor farmers. And my opinion is that each and every citizen serves the nation in some way or other and Agriculture which is the backbone of Indian economy definitely serves India in a larger scale. Well, think of someone deciding the pricing of a product you develop with utmost care? And if that’s the only source you are entitled to, then it will be you end. Isn’t it?

      • the genreal · May 20

        have thOne solution is study the constitution and know that is was never meant to be a democracy. Study civics, understand and know what good government really is. Know that ALL public officials severs the public. Police respecting the public!!! We don’t work for you you work for us. Public officials have contempt for us and we pay them.

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      • baukredit vergleich · August 31

        Hi Steve, my concern isn't image quality so much as it is the ancillary effects of such a large sensor. If I wanted to shoot medium format sized files I would have bought a Hasselblad years ago.I, don't.

  6. AshleyNicole · November 5, 2013

    Powerfully written article that brings light to a heart-wrenching topic. This piece truly touched me. Fantastic job.

    • Raj · November 6, 2013

      It’s unfortunate to write in this. But thank you. :-\

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