The Not so complicated Story of Diwali in 3 minutes


Diwali, known as Deepavali or the Festival for lights is celebrated all over the world with the utmost joy and pleasure. But many are still not aware of the story behind. And beware that this is huge and I have tried my best to compile it in a short way.

Now to the story;

Actually there are many stories for celebrating Diwali, much to the fact of Good winning over evil, such as;

  1. Lord Krishna defeating evil clenched Narakasur (In fact he was a good guy, due to the wrath of power, he was termed as evil) and Krishna had to finish him off due to the constant compelling of the good men on heaven and God men on earth.
  2.  In North India the conception is that of King Ram winning over King Ramana of Lanka (He was also good, but raged due to the lust of coveting neighbor’s wife, so he went Pooff!)
Ram Fighting Ravana

Ram Fighting Ravana

As Lord Krishna and King Ram had their fair share to contribute to Diwali celebrations, Now it time for Lord Vishnu to have his say,

Vamana measuring the Three worlds

Vamana measuring the Three worlds

  1. King Bali, who was raged with power, far lesser than Narakasur thought that he could rule all the three worlds. So to teach him a lesson, Lord Vishnu, took over an avatar of Vamana(a small boy saint) and asked King Bali to offer him a land of his foot length. So the king accepted and Vishnu by his powers scaled all the three worlds and kept his foot on Bali’s head, thus his pride was shattered.
  2. Jain people celebrate for the Nirvana attained by Lord Mahavira in the way of Dharma.
Krishna Cleaves the Demon Narakasura with his Discus

Krishna Cleaves the Demon Narakasura with his Discus

And again it’s time for none other than Lord Krishna to showcase his mystics for the sake of our celebrations,

  1. When the people of Dwaraka were surrounded by floods, they surrendered to Krishna and he saved them by holding a mountain with a single finger, thus guarding them from rain. Cool isn’t it?
  2. Krishna slayed another evil fated King Kamsa, for his injustices done to women.

Since we have known something on the whereabouts of celebrating Diwali, Lets dig a bit deeper into the larger belief, the Narakasur-Krishna Episode, and this goes as deep as Ramayana (another great Epic).

Jambavan, who has helped Lord Ram in his search for Sita; takes his time off from the episode and goes to spend some quality time with his siblings, On the way he finds a jewel and gives it to his daughter for playing.

Well, Whose Jewel was that? Believe me, there is a link to the Diwali story.

The jewel belonged to Princess Rukmini, daughter of King Satrajit; whom Krishna loved. Since the jewel was lost, King Satrajit thought that Krishna stole it. So with fury, Lord Krishna set out in search of the jewel, which he found out in Jambavan’s cave thus resulting in a duel for 15 years. And finally it was solved with Krishna retrieving the jewel to King Satrajit. For showing his apologies, King Satrajit gave his daughter Satyabama in return, which Krishna gleefully accepted.

Now comes the twist, Krishna didn’t kill Narakasur, It was satyabama who took the honor. How?

Narakasur ruled modern Assam. He got a boon from Lord Brahma, that to die in the hands of his mother. (Mother Earth was Narakasur’s Mother). Also to make matters complicate, Mother Earth (Bhoomi Devi) got a boom from Lord Vishnu that her son should die only when she wishes him to die.

If so, How did satyabama Kill Narakasur?

Since Narakasur had a high disregard for women, he raped nearly 16,000 women and captured them in his lowlands. So angered Bhoomi Devi, reluctant to slay her own son, incarnated as satyabama, who married krishna, Slayed Narakasur, thus granting both the boons in a simple way.

At last, to save all women from their anguish, Krishna whole heartedly married all the women and grated lives to them.



Finally, Narakasur requested Krishna to celebrate his death anniversary with colorful lights and crackers. Thus Diwali was born for us to have fun and frolic.

So many conceptions for each one of us and all have their reasons to celebrate with their loved ones.

Happy Diwali

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  2. SoundEagle · November 7, 2013

    Those gods are/were so human after all.

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  4. matheikal · November 4, 2013

    Interesting perspective. Enjoyed reading it.

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  6. inafunnybox · November 1, 2013

    “At last, to save all women from their anguish, Krishna whole heartedly married all the women and grated lives to them.” Sane people all over the world just sighed in disappointment. I wonder how much of our modern day issues (not just in India) stem from such prolific “acclaimed” stories about women, rape, & honor.

    I know this wasn’t a serious post, so sorry for the serious comment. I did enjoy reading the post and knowing more about the history of the festival. And, Happy Deepavali!

    • Raj · November 4, 2013

      Some stories are depicted that way, But in this case , Lord Krishna gave redemption to the raped women. Also he is termed and described as the whole existence, hence by giving their lives back, he gave them “Moksha”.

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