9 Eternal principles on The Warrior’s way


In olden times, there were people who were insurmountable and majestic not in terms of wealth or power but in their nature. Even today there are many and Many more yet in the making.

Even being great, they lived by a set of principles, to scale the stars, to be their own god, to attain success in every aspect they encounter or to embrace failures with open hands to move on to greater successes, We too need some ideals as we are no different from them and believe me, there are many,

But, the principles of a Warrior is sacred, which can be applied to our day-to-day encounters, like while taking to our bosses to saving and loving a life. It is not something that is endangered, as it is eternal.

So let us not look and pass by these principles, rather make it a life force which moves us in all our endeavors.

The Warrior is no ordinary person:

He is the enigma of simplicity. Remember, the simplest of things are always the difficult to understand.

“Life and death are one, she told;
No reason for me to mold”

The Warrior respects none but life and death. Marks Death as a friend, an alley who never fails him.

The Warrior can be deadly in combat yet so compassionate and gentle with children and the weak.

“The sword is bold, the weather is bright
Acts have power, What so ever

He bows down in might
Never expecting anything, nor in sight he will be

Battles are fought, in his might
Gentle as the wind,
the Blades will tear, More than one
his will will pierce”

The Warrior makes people think; ponder over his charisma, his defiance, more often his ways and his path he takes to reach the ultimate.

“As foretold; the magic lasts
He sets to fast,

He strives all time:
To be the master and his slave,”


The Warrior always favors self-awareness, immerses himself in practice, and knows that the greatest battles are always fought within.

“Perceived forest fires and darker airs;
Vanquished ashes, dust and brown

His forms are fierce; his fumes are bright;
Seeking guidance in the path of light,”

The Warrior holds many values, for he keeps honor as above everything else

“Strode on history, altering its mystery:
Fatal to think man has mastery,”

The Warrior always mingles, travels in opposites; deep within, to be alert.

The Warrior keeps actions before his thoughts, He is meant to be unpredictable.

At times, He will be the opposite, being predictable in an unpredictable way.

“Playing the monkey is fun and wise
Not many will act suffice,

In front and back, in and out:
the lessons are meant;
one realizes as the sorrows are vent,”

The Warrior is full of life, full of death, so void, empty in Mind and body as felt.

“No such thing, as one can lent
What you got; what is not

Never know, what you sought
Meaningless battles have always been fought”

The Warrior never regrets; for his actions, even when wrong, he seeks the enemy, than to sit and worry.

“The phrases are already sent,
Acts will appear as it was meant

Self can be sorrow, self can be meek
Thou walk by the path, till I’m bleak”

The Warrior is so huge, eternal in nature, that nothing can control him but himself.

The Warrior is so incomplete, that he exists everywhere he walks. 

The Warrior always seeks nothing even if he finds everything.

“Drop by drop, one sights ashore
As the dwelling sea of life is no more”

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Rajkumar Mahendran
See Everything, Be Nothing



  1. Anonymous · January 28, 2014

    wow. very nice. appeals especially to people like me who likes everything to do with warriors who like by a code of honor, a personal code of conduct e.g. knights, musketeers, etc.

    • Rj · January 29, 2014

      Not just warriors. Even they were just normal people and we can be like that as well. Just a morality in living is all that’s required.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. wjwlmqevjig@gmail.com · November 1, 2013

    9 Eternal principles on The Warrior’s way « The Vast Nothing

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