Whats happening here?


Birds speak to each other

Animals greet each other

People wake up, people go to sleep;

Many are born, Many are dead

Some eat, some drink, some puke

Some fight, only few are at sight

Some pray, some prey

Many watch, Some wait

Some fly, some sigh

Some kill, some get killed

Some steal, some feel

Some love, some hate


A tone of;

busy, bustling, mingling, fun, worry, tired, brisk, need, hunger, riches, poverty, haven, hell, wicked, cunning, brazen, flowering, response, life, death and all in between….

———— are at DAWN.

And DAWN;  is funny, is sad, is cruel to some and awesome to some.

After all, DAWN is everything for you to dawn.

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Rajkumar Mahendran
See Nothing, Be Everything


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