My rebuttal to Matt Walsh on why we don’t need education

Hey Matt,


This is to you and everyone else with the same misconception as you have mentioned here.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the question we have here is : Why to teach or home school kids? Who are we to do so?

I would like to summarize so that it can be easily understood.

First and foremost, you can’t educate anyone unless they accept. Then it means to learn and not being educated.

When a child is born, it belongs to the existence. Your kid is one among the world and he/she under no circumstances can be tailored by you or anyone.

You can definitely adore him, love him for his well-being but you can’t teach him and that’s certainly not a good idea. Even guiding him can become fatal for the environment and his interests.

Yes, the child is vulnerable; they need your guidance and support, for their upbringing, to grow and carter their needs. You can do that, but taking it as an advantage, that with or  without their consent is outrageous and many are doing this knowingly or unknowingly.
Well there are many reasons for us not to teach our kids and I’m sure you and many are doing this unknowingly by stating a few of your words below (Please don’t mind me quoting);

You said that you hate education, like

“Instead, if it’s warranted, I’ll attack the thing in its entirety. See, when you take something that is bad, and you randomly chastise a few of its essential parts and properties, you have succeeded only in perpetuating the myth that said parts can somehow be removed from the sum.”

You and many others hate the kind of education provided by our governments. Okay, you win but what’s the solution we have come up with; Home schooling, Sounds naive.

You hate education, but you had the same public education (and I’m not accusing you for that). If so, how are you going to teach your kid? Even if you find a way for that, what he will become?

Possibly, a mixture of your teaching’s plus his half known knowledge which is really dangerous, especially for himself and others as well. Also he won’t be any different from the way public school children are brought up, which I can assure you that he won’t be free from government’s educational system rather will be drawn deep into it.

Exactly, another brick in the wall

Exactly, another brick in the wall

If you consider your child’s future present, (I don’t believe in a future and let’s leave that to the future) don’t make him that mixture, because there are infinite fishes in the sea of the same kind and I sure that you don’t want him to join the group.

You propose that,

“Where are they? Where are these “socialized” people I hear about so often? I don’t see many of them, but I do see a lot of narcissists, and substance abusers, and people on psychotropic medication, and people who have never been in a healthy relationship in their entire lives. I see a lot of dependency and insecurity. I see a lot of desperation and confusion. I’m not blaming all of this on public schools, but public schools certainly haven’t helped matters.”

I accept that; because schools always consider a variety of factors in teaching, like the need to know for instance. I have a doubt in this. Actually how can a public body or an individual decide on what the fellow being can learn? Or how does they decide what the people should know? And this applies to all fields.

 There may be chances for him being a genius, a prodigy, a reformer, a game changer in his own way and this has nothing to do what the society or his fellow’s thinks about him. He can be anything he wishes, at a point not from his adolescent age rather it has to start right from his birth, his first breath he had wished to take in and give out and it has not been taught to him in any way and to think of guiding or teaching him is unhealthy and not respectable.

By schooling him or prescribing him anything, you are depriving his very nature to think in an amusing way, you are stuffing your years of accumulated knowledge to him which he didn’t ask for. He would be having the ability to think of new things which we have never thought of, but in the name of teaching we are altering his abilities, making him less human( the conditions of many of us) and that’s the state on which this world is struggling.

He has to be a new new (even NEW has become sort of old now), something else entirely apart from us, a perplexing and intriguing human the world has not known.

Just think of your child, not having any notions, any beliefs, any constraints; knowing only joy and glory. Do we need to make this glowing form lesser and lesser by proving him the so-called education that we have considered great? Simple, are you going to teach him to differentiate between good and bad? Do you think it’s really possible?

Man has the natural ability to know things and he will do it on his own and no one need to give it to him. Just let him free from these chains of known wisdom.

Imagine, how he may do wonders, in his own way which I can’t express or describe and he won’t do anything we expect instead he will have his own way of sorting on his own par, whatever it may be, though it doesn’t fulfill other’s needs. Let him customize his own world as per his/ her needs and we are no one but a mute spectator to observe.

Many are willing to put this wrath on this child unknowingly, who is brimming with energy. Yet we are in the process of making him dull and interesting to himself and thus making him to start in search for his happiness elsewhere around.

You kind of came close, as you said

“Indeed, indoctrination can be defined as “teaching or inculcating a doctrine, principle, or ideology, especially one with a specific point of view.” Doctrines and principles are inexorable parts of the process of passing on knowledge and information. The question before us is: who ought to be in charge of this task?”

 Alas, I ask you this;

Don’t give a shit about what others has to think (I believe you don’t), it’s perfect to decay fast than to think, think and think of doing the needful and finally, don’t even try to teach (either public or home schooling) your children and don’t make them one among the crew.

Don’t try to give him or stuff him with the best intentions in the world by education. He/ She will continue to learn, with or with you, will know things with or with you and No one can decide what is good or bad for others. If you are in the process of teaching your kids, through public or home schooling , Please don’t be blind on following a system and try to encourage them for their being and knowing, regardless of how noble or the opposite it may be.

Share your life and support them, they will grow but don’t try to shape them, giving them ideals, a pattern, a method; because life is not about a method, they have to be open to everything and they can grow to be great without us educating them.

It’ time to curb providing education to our kids rather support and stand by them.

I would love to hear from you, so to discuss and to be sure.

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Rajkumar Mahendran
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  1. drcarolcooper · October 28, 2013

    A powerful argument in favour of education. Which is of course not the same thing as filling empty vessels.

    • Raj · October 28, 2013

      Yes carol, but the thing is we have to let many know of this. At this very minute, millions will be stuffing their kids or others on their ideals or morals so they could be a better person. We have to work towards to change this.

      • Mom2Feebs · November 19, 2013

        You missed the point entirely.

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