How much uncertainty can you take?

Can you take it?

You give me a shelter, I long for a fortress.

You make me prosper, I long for more.

You make me healthy and I’m not content.

Always looking to the uncertainty!

Everything is uncertainty. We don’t even have the slightest clue on what’s gonna happen next; yet we make grand plans for the future, starting from the next moment not considering the consuming present.

We live in the future, always longing for the next big thing. Most of us don’t even try to take a new route to reach their homes or workplaces. All we do is to stick to a plan and make sure it is done.

I understand that we are not thinking of the future willingly, yet the nature we have been stuck up with, make us do so.  Can we change in an instant to a super cool enlightened person? I don’t think so and you don’t either.

So, What can we do about that?

We can give up, all at once or one by one as you wish. We can give up on our longing; for our plans to work, our lives to succeed, to be wealthy and many more.

Sounds Simple, Isn’t it?  Many have done this in the past and you can consume it as well.

We can stick to making our lives flow into uncertainty, I believe you could be happy by being good to a complete stranger, achieving your goals even the odds are high against you, getting results by going with the current and not against. Because once you go on the opposite, you complicate things from their natural flow.

And yet the thing is,

The distance between the things you have now and the things you want to have in the future always remain constant – OSHO

So, why sadden our lives with the burden of tomorrow, when there is no tomorrow. Let’s be simple and free from the thoughts of tomorrow and be one and go along with uncertainty and I’m sure that you would go along great.

How life can be so uncertain?

The way we are born crying,
Until the way we go down dying;

In this constant life of sighing
How can one be nothing?

Can one say life is all but knowing
or is it deep learning?

For it is giving and sharing, not buying and selling,

This never-ending nor fulfilling,
So beautiful, so wonderful, so great
– this uncertainty;

As the greatness of the spirit,
The calm nature of our inner fountain,
Decaying shell and the impenetrable core;

Be present in every unthinkable way

This day, we think, we are great
This day, we are ignorant, not knowing our true forms;

This day, not the future or the past
Should be the thought;

This day, now
is all that is;

As how uncertain life can be?

And, Let’s embrace uncertainty and everything along.

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