A Man with a Mountain

The Man with a Mountain

Making up with the mountains

The times are not so great. I thought that everything ( mostly the things I don’t like) in my life is meaningless or to be changed and to do what I do is not going to work. I believe that everyone, including myself would face this problem depressing every now and then. Eventually after repeated failures we tend to give up in our day-to-day lives. We have done so many in the past, even being an optimistic.

I believe that  success is not the end of the path for betterment rather it is the way we move over failures, though we get depressed.

After each failure, We pause, to consider the worthiness of going beyond and walking the extra mile to reach the pinnacle. The process, in which we battle our inner demons, the battle between our heart and mind, we have to choose either to go beyond or to stop for now and call it a day.

I have faced many situations where failures are like heart beats, where I’m sure that I would find one instantly and believe me, I know how depressing it is to have a failure where we have put everything on the line, though knowing that failures are the stepping-stones to success.

After facing many such experiences, I thought of my sorry state and began talking to my inner mountain ( Not a fancy name though, it can be anything for you) and to share my burden, my pain and my suffering to my all-knowing mountain.

On hearing my distress, the mountain tells me the path on how it transformed over ages from a small stone to a small mound to a great mountain.

(The conversation goes like this)

Myself (After a disastrous failure): What is the reason for my suffering? Why should I suffer?

Mountain: (Laughs) Don’t you want to know about the reason for you to be happy? Behold for me to instruct the journey of life,

To the depth of myself; I seek
 To the brink of the ultimate; I begin
 To unify my thoughts; I dream
 To be far from within; I withdrew
 To see what is done; I stop
 To be aware of the existence; I die

talking mountain

Myself: Okay, I know that I’ll die, but Why to seek and die? For all this pain and joy, I endure; for this falsity and truth, I hear; for the forms of God or godlessness, I believe in; I feel that the way I live don’t have any truth in it.

Mountain: In your brief stay here, you sure do have vast feelings and morbid thoughts, for I have lived through ages and seen a quite fair amount of chaos and thus says I,

Truth sensed me of lie
 Lies ended with man
 Man conceived God
 God devised truth

All is not two
 Two is not three
 Three is not four
 For everything that is,is not itself

The efforts are intense
 Thinking, thoughts belong to our ends
 Life’s altar makes no sense
 Though nothing can be done by this distance

Myself: Okay, you say that everything that we see or feel is not the same and it is our way of perception that makes us feel it in a different way; like the way we differentiate between good and bad, truth and falsehood, between splendor and drabness. If so, what should I make of my life? What is the association between me and life?

Mountain: From the beginning, your lives are misunderstood and carried out in such a way that you take part in the course of  actions that unwinds instead of observing the way things shape up thereby living with harmony.

Look at your generations, many have passed by but only some has lived.

Behold, the observer looks at the happenings clearly rather the one who takes part, takes all in vain. He who accepts change as it unfolds, begets; as others perish and I say unto you,

Life is all but force,
 Force is all but shape
 Shape is out of this world
 World is a part of me,
 I'm a part of me

Myself: As you say, if I’m a part of myself, then why I shouldn’t act on, to shape up my own destiny? I have the will to change my fate and to do anything as I wish. I feel that I’m capable of. Isn’t so?

sorrow man

Mountain: To feel that you have the will is incorrect and contradictory. Everything achieved by will is not going to withstand. Look at a plant, you can’t force your will on a plant to rise from its seed, you can’t make a flower to bloom on will nor can you change any such thing on the surface of earth. If you think you have done something with your will, I ask you to reconsider deeply, not from your confined walls, your society or thoughts.

Have you ever thought of where your feelings come from? If you are supposed to have feelings, you should be having it all the time. If you love, why reserve that love for specific people or entities where you could love everyone and everything. You have not even seen a spec of the universe and say that you can bring up change.

I entrust you human, to be composed, serene, blissful but having the chaos and glow inside of you which will help you to know thyself.

And remember,

Unwise musings make no sense
 I'm not a Buddha to be free
 I’m the way that is not
 To be told from this life of death

No steps to be taken care of
 No need to make a pair of
 All that Is there, be taken care of
 Who am I to say that I know of,

On thinking of what the mountain had said, I was struck hard to my core and I believed to perceive the teachings and let my life be as wonderful and great as it was supposed to be. Let us flow like the river which passes every obstacle with great ease and force and let us be humans,no more, no less.

Many such fears and constraints that we have triggered for ourselves makes our present lives sick and boring, which makes us unworthy of living.  But we can destroy our shackles and make us free from the burden of ourselves.

I believe, we can. What do you say, my friend?

And what do you say to your all-knowing mountain?

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Rajkumar Mahendran
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  1. SoundEagle · November 7, 2013

    The mountain, as an inner resource, a visceral core, a moral base, a psychic fount, and a spiritual mount, stands for your stoic questioning and evaluation of your trials and tribulations.

    Your reflexivity is indeed one of your greatest strengths. And it also imparts your character and personality as well as deeds with nuanced textures and extra dimensions.

    • Raj · November 7, 2013

      You have said everything!

      • SoundEagle · November 7, 2013

        Raj, you may consider framing both the first image entitled “Making up with the mountains” and SoundEagle’s two paragraphs above together as a picture, and proceed to hang this special picture of artwork cum quote at a special location of your home as both a decoration and an inspirational reminder.

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