An open letter to the people who conserve Nature

As remarked in my earlier post, we have used science more as a reason for exploiting nature and its resources. I’m not against science; In fact I love science.
I must clarify;

Everything is science and not science is everything.

There are many subjects where science don’t have answers and omit them as just theories or contradictions and the biggest of them is nature. You may have some conflict on this, but this is the fact.

Simple; how does nature work? No one knows (Clearly yet).

We believed in Darwin’s theory of Natural selection and it was on the verge of its era as scientists doubted it on contradicting with the big bang (better late than never), such that there are many things that have not covered under evolution and raised concerns.(Because we are humans and we don’t believe a damn thing).

Darwin, I doubted you on my existence!

Darwin, I doubted you on my existence!

Fortunately or unfortunately, it has been solved (for now) and you can check it out here.

As Darwin hypothesised, while compiling the ideas on his book the Origin of species, he wrote in another book “Cuidado” in spanish meaning “careful”. He has already noted that Evolution is a dangerous phenomenon and one should handle it with the utmost perfection and care as humanly possible.

We are a part of many things that nature has possessed and we are the yet known complex mechanisms of nature (At Least, we think we are). Okay, we talk about nature, preserving it and blah, blah, blah…! Without jumping into conclusions on how many really act on it, let’s think and describe what nature is and where it starts and ends.

As science is not everything, on contrary nature is everything that we have.

The best trait of human characteristic is that we have the natural ability to blame others for our misleading.

Yes, we are a part of nature and developed the idea of science, which made us evolve into higher beings (we think like that, aren’t we?). Once we move more and more into science, it kind of pushed us back ( not in terms of the modern technology) thus making us forget that we are nature and what’s even disheartening is that we started to think that we are on the side of science, as if science is something different from what we are.

aah ! Technology did this, Not me !

aah ! Technology did this, Not me !

Even some think that technology is the reason for all this extinction. It may be a sort of, but putting everything on science and keeping our hands clean doesn’t work here. We have gone to the extent that we are addicted to these devices and starting to believe that these are a part of us. So, thinking of that possibility is not going to change anything.

Science is nothing, it is just the way of knowing things we sense in this world and there are infinite possibilities that it may go wrong or be incredibly awesome.

There are some things that has been misunderstood by some or many, such as Preserve nature, plant a tree, save earth, save nature, be the change and many more stuff/slogans like that.
Well, those are just crap. Like making yourself believe from the ‘outside in’ kind of stuff.

Let me pose you a question!

Many say that they want to be close with nature and go to hill stations or forests. Why?

To be at close range at nature? Is it? Can’t they be the same here? Then what is the point of leading a life here? Just to make sure we fit into the society. Right?

Yes, we have our own devils hanging above our heads waiting for the right time to put an end to all of this mockery we make of us, but is it not possible to feel and cultivate the same flora and fauna in our own apartments, in our own homes, in our workplaces, in ourselves in a deeper sense.

We are in a grave situation that we have immersed ourselves in and the upside is that we can get rid of it and lead enchanting lives (Not like the ones you live right now).

Chew this $#%&#

Chew this $#%&#

We are the ones who are in need of help and comfort and it’s definitely not nature.

We have to protect ourselves by thinking and acting in a way that nature doesn’t harm us in any way.

We should remember one thing and one thing only;

To aid ourselves on behalf of nature, with nature being us and not separate.

Because, you won’t be here for eternity, but nature will be and you better understand that you don’t have to save earth, it was good even before us, let alone not destroy it.

Due to our poor choices of the past, we have only two options left,

Either we can live with this crap and make our generations suffer or We can make of lives worth of dying happily and let our upbringings reap our benefits.

People who get something done, I insist you to go for everything and those who naught, I urge you to go for something and you won’t regret it.

I love this

I love this

Why this post: Fed up (Without losing heart) on seeing the turnout for social or green revolution campaigns and the way they are in need of ignited hearts.

Nowadays we think that we are doing a great job in acting in favor of green revolutions, not knowing that we are just cleaning up our own mess and the way we think highly of ourselves really sucks!

If you don’t believe me, have a look here at what Mahatma Gandhi has to say,

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”  

P.S: It would be great if you share this with everyone, even awesome if you take part in many such endeavors without being a dumb bloke on your couch and I will consider you as my captain planet if you take on this mission along with your buddies.

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Rajkumar Mahendran
Be Nothing, See everything



  1. matheikal · November 4, 2013

    Science is not everything and nature is all that we actually have. Science has done much damage to the earth and even the spaces beyond the planet. Yet can we blame science?

    Religion was man’s earlier way of understanding our nature. But science showed the limitations of religion. Science became a better way of understanding than religion. But science has limitations too. However, isn’t science willing to accept its limitations and correct them wherever possible? Religions won’t do that.

    I think science and rationality are still the best options left for man provided man knows how to use them properly.

    • Raj · November 4, 2013

      Well Said Matheikal. It true that science accepts its own shortsightedness but the thing is many are blaming science and technology for the all causes.

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  3. Neville J Bilimoria · October 25, 2013

    Raj, so well written and hope we can all follow great visionaries advised. “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” I hope each one of us can contribute to the world we live in!!

    • Raj · October 25, 2013

      Well Said Neville. We certainly think highly of ourselves, but the sad truth is that many has stopped believing that we are a part of nature.

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