Thanks Steve,Creativity is a myth

Some say that, ‘Man is a social animal’ and you better think;
Is He?

So you feel that I have a different view on the existence of humans and to make myself clear,
I don’t!

But, I do believe that human beings are much more that being a mere animal, mere in sense that no way he/she could be compared to an animal because they(animals) are equal to us such as we think them to be less capable of.

Well, you want to know about the death of Creativity. Isn’t it?

Okay. You will come to know about that and there is a lot more to subject.

As Simon Sinek highlights in his TED talk, there are three things to look for before highlighting anything.

Why, what and How in the same order.

WHY creativity don’t exist?

Did anyone kill it? Or did it get old? Or did anyone or anything killed it, in its old age?

 It’s so simple. Once you don’t use a thing for a long time, it deteriorates and ceases to exist at all. That’s one thing to happen and there be a catch in this which I will bring out to you later.

The other thing and the main cause of the death is our thirst to learn new things, our craving for knowledge (this seems good). In fact there is a term for this in recent times, Infobesity.

Everyone wants to get their share on learning and I am not against it. But what should one learn and how to learn matters. Isn’t it? People are very keen on learning such that they want to get their hands at what’s happening and not what is essential and needed at the ultimate hour.

It is said that knowledge is power and if you think a bit more deeply, what kind of power it gives you?

You could say that we have known more than our earlier generations and made our lives better. To put it more clearly, Paving the path for a better world or making the world a better place to live in


Appreciate Jobs! He is remarkable

I have a doubt on this, a genuine one!

The world in its own is already a great and fit place to live and die and why the hell are we making it better to live in?

Is it not a waste of time and our energy to work on this not so fruitful task as we know that we are drones in our lifetime?

Okay, even if we make the world a BETTER place to live in, what have we made?

As a matter of fact, I like my world much better if it were like one of the science fiction movies (Preferably James Cameroon’s Avatar). This may sound crazy or even perfectly sane and highly logical.

Actually what have we done here to make it better?
Are we increasing the life of earth or depleting its sources to carter our ‘not so great’ needs.

Think of this like betterment. We tend to plant trees and ask our fellow beings to do so, not because of its nature as the primary concern rather of its present need and it’s utility.

All this because of our craving to know things at the cost of others and what we have learnt?
Is an insignificant amount which can be equated to NIL!

Will this thirst end?

Will we work with the ways of nature, our true form where things could be at peace where as our hearts could be ignited to smarten up new and sustainable ideas, which could change the process of our thinking.

Will this happen?

We have made our planet so unfit for living such that we are now in the process of cleaning up, finding other sources or planets that has sustained life for us to fit in and deplete.

You could say that we are advanced in sciences and medicine where we have improved our lives from the olden days. If that’s the case, how come ancient primitives have lived long enough in accordance with nature?

To put up, I could say that we are Stone Age primitives with advanced tools to carter the present age. The tools and techniques have been updated, in a way outgrown us where we could not have track of what’s happening thus leaving us worn-out affiliates.

If I’m sane, you would be aware of what an ecosystem is and what it does.Because the earth, is like a huge organism in itself and it caters the need of everything that is natural. So where are we left out?

Simply, nothing goes waste, nothing is excess or scarce. Everything that makes our life wonderful and content is already provided but we are always in search of the completeness which has a tendency to be incomplete.

We are absolutely good to go but we are humans, we think we are great (we are, but we don’t know that in what proportions yet) who have been programmed that we need to learn and learning is the only thing that we are entitled to.

What we have forgotten or put off base is that the difference between animals and us is the way we think, instead we think we are creating, we are creative, such that we are creators.

So, WHAT is creativity?

Taking this easy as a pansy on the wayside on which we don’t give much thought about (influenced by Rabindranath Tagore) for we have our own daunting lives running amuck and certainly ahead of us.

To define creativity is a summoning task or should I say ‘To define anything is impossible’?

Putting it behind, Creativity ‘can be’ defined as the process of creating something new, something that never have existed before in that particular form, brought into this world, into people’s minds thereby making the person, A creative genius.

Thus to be creative, one has to create something new regardless of it being an idea or anything.

Is it possible for us to create something that too being new and never existed before?

In other terms, can we create? Do we have the ability to do so?

If so, then who are we and HOW creativity doesn’t exist at all?

Okay, that stirs us up, makes us unstable such that pressure vessels are going to burst. If not, good for you.

Let me ask you something simple.

What have you created today or the last week or in your consumed lifetime?

An idea, a painting, concept art or anything it may be.

Buddha teaches us that ‘we are what we have thought’ or ‘We become what we think’ and I think most of you would be accepting this.

Mahatma Gandhi proposed that  ‘Your thoughts become your actions’ or ‘Your thoughts show your actions’

We have believed these words for hundreds of years and if this is true, how can you think something that you have not thought of, in the first place?

If creativity is something new and never to have been existed, how can you be creative?

A new idea, a concept, a thought, an art, comes from the existence. Scientists have proved that our brain generally thinks of what we have seen and we use a major part of our brain to think and visualize.
And that’s why, when we read a story, we visualize and think of the instances of better understanding and that’s how we are.


We don’t create; rather we change some parts of the story to fit our lives and standards. We chose these like our attire, we use what fits us and keep the rest for later or we don’t keep at all.

How do you propose a new idea or visualize an art you wish to draw?

Has anyone in the past or the present come up with a new idea?

Think deeply, the very core of the idea or anything you think is based on your preferences and your upbringing and your own values which will mix up in some proportions and give us something new, something extraordinary, something great which we call as creativity.

To sum up with, some say that GOD is the creator of all beings(apart from debating on this), and we don’t see HIM, say if he shows up before us and he is human, would we believe that he is himself or let alone he be the creator of all beings. Certainly we won’t and that the way we are brought up here.

I believe that we can’t be creative at any instant rather we are recyclers of experiences and to be clear, I am not telling that we take up others ideas. What I am saying is that we have the ability to think and that too effectively, such that we recycle our thoughts in various notions (Whatever we have seen in the past of thought of the future) and create new things and logics and you may think such as this one you are being confronted with.

And that’s who we are, Recyclers of experience. We have many ideas, new theories are proposed, and countless things have been confronted and conceptualized with boundless effort. But in the end, all things or stuff done are only due to our experiences.

If so, What about the first creation, when nothing of that type had existed?

There is no change at all and those are experiences and insights as well.
When Leonardo Da Vinci conceptualized war machines in his drawing s, he would have considered his past experiences of war acted by humans and would have considered the flight of birds for his flight designs. And the same applies for all.

I believe that you are witty and from the topic from, let me put this straight,

  • We have the ability to think and that makes us highly great beings on the face of earth.
  • If the process of thinking itself is a humongous feat, why do we differentiate ourselves to be creative?
  • I believe that what we call as creativity, should make us create life into existence and not just refurbishing our experiences into something, like an art or a new design or anything else.
  • An art or an extraordinary idea is something that is a part of you and you can’t call yourself to be creative since it has already been into you, just that you have come to know of it now, doesn’t make us creative and we are definitely living a myth which we should come over.

Now relive these thoughts and question whether we are entitled to the term ‘creative’ and be falsely confined our thoughts as creativity?

I am sure that there is a fair chance for you to agree on these and a much higher chance to turn down, either ways you are welcome to do so and it would be great if you open up your views in favor or against my opinions, so both parties could have a better understanding of what is happening.

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