The Immaculate Reasoning

This is to you and this is to me
Said the crazy boy in town;
For he was all not alone
Sat in a rocking chair by the phone;

Waited by far and waited by long
Slept after he heard the midnight’s gong;

 Days and months passed by short and long;
As he waited for the love’s lost song;
Alert in his trance to join his love
For she became his mighty hearts dove;

His hearth could not bear
He was no big seer;
All the entries, bore his longing heart
At the threshold of  his starving lot;

Waited by far and waited this long
As he revived his love’s unknown song;

Took out a shooter by the pedestal
Cherished to be in the imminent castle;
Mustered the courage and looked apart;
There walked a shadow by his spirit’s depart;

The mob bantered slander praise
All about him and not to his face;
For they can be courteous and blunt
They know not of love he meant;
Alas, he was taken in a cart
Such all stories end this sort!

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Rajkumar Mahendran
 Be Nothing, See Everything


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