Smile : On Gloom,Despair and Dejection

Don’t cry because it’s over.
Smile because it happened.
-Dr. Seuss

Smile !

Smile in and Smile back !

A smile can make you sad and happy as well;

A smile can make you decide ;

A smile can make you rethink, regret or remorse.

A smile can make you love, can levitate you or do many sort of great things.

 A Smile can do wonders for you,if you let it!

It is one of the many factors that we(humans) are still being around and the dinosaurs haven’t.

As there is yin and yang ,we have thought and found a way to fake the greatest asset that runs our lives.


According to a study by the British Dental Health Foundation and Oral-B states that people around the age of 18 to 34 are more likely to fake a smile and one in seven surveyed confessed that the smiles they reserve for their bosses are not genuine.

This state is not only constrained to workplaces , but everywhere else too. In fact, the concept of faking a smile have been spotted long back in the nineteenth century.

French physician Guillaume Duchenne, who studied the physiology of facial expressions termed genuine smile as “Duchenne smile“.

People can be broadly classified into two kinds,

Good ones and the bad ones.

Having said that makes me think of what is good and bad,which is rather amusing indeed.

The combinations and complex relations that one can come up with are witty.

Yes, “witty” to the fact that one may seek science to aid or call religion, even some may not have this thought in the first place.

There are too much stuff on the plate to dig on and its is never ending.

That’s phenomenal.

So,let it be and the aforesaid thoughts about the good and bad people have absolutely nothing to do with this post.

 (Read on!)
The Big Mystery Smile

The Big Mystery Smile

Let’s start off with a couple of thoughts which can be googled with ease.(oh!that’s a lifesaver)

  • Think of the various reasons for you to smile and
  • How many times you have smiled in your awesome life?

Well (If am not wrong,which is rare), your thoughts would linger around the happy moments that you cherish and many such instances like plunging into nature, being one with your loved ones or in the presence of innocence.

Actually,It’s great to have these thoughts which is inviting and serene.

Do you know,

An average person smiles for about 50 times a day 

Whereas, a child smiles 400 times in a day.

and we are losing huge!

We have mortgages to look after and many other fancy mind-bending stuff going on in our heads and there is no time to think of !

And, that’s a sick thought and we are not going any further with that.

We tend to put the blame on the  society ,our jobs so on and so forth for these factors that doesn’t matter at all.

Do you realise that each time you smile ( even a small grin :-/) makes you happy,comfortable and access your inner fountain of awesomeness , whatever the situation may be.(caution: failures,stress,fear or anxiety don’t workout here, but smiles do!)

Well how is it possible?

Scientists are still analysing our facial and neurological factors on how we get that ‘happy feeling’ when we smile and they are still at crossroads.

Which provoked me the most is that people wearing a smiley badge on their attire and fooling around.

What kind of way are we treading?

The state where people doesn’t care to smile at a stranger!

Smiles of not so distant future?

Smiles of not so distant future?

It’s not rationale to smile at ‘not so happy’ situations, but once you do smile, you have crossed the barrier and it wipes out your current scenario and you tend to think clearly.

Some thoughts for you,

  • Smiling for no reason can make you brighter in the head
  • Smiling at your opponent in a duel can make matters worse(for you, of course!) , can even boost your confidence.
  • A heartfelt smile each time will nourish you and give life.

And here is some more for you to have a breakthrough,

Smile if you are depressed, for the merrier men to know;

Smile if you are angry, for the wretched to learn;

Smile if you are composed, for the unsettled to think;

Smile if you are poor, for the riches to respect;

Smile if you are alert, for the tranquil to transcend;

Smile if you are simple, for the complex to unwind;

Smile at the world, for you have lived this long;

Smile at the past, for you have had failures;

Smile at the future, for you to consume the present;

Smile at yourself, for you to improve;


Smile if you are at the end, for the beginners to bow;

Everything you do is wonderful and your sole being is happiness,

from dawn to dusk, from stress to strain, in your day in day out,


Smile , because you can !

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